Sept: 21 Days

Since moving to North Carolina, I've been staying home and nesting all day. If I'm not working, I'm sprawled out on the couch for hours, with minimal social interaction. Terrible, I know. I've been justifying it be telling myself "work hard for three days and relax for four."  It was nice for the first three months but now I'm feeling sluggish, lazy, lonely, and put on a little extra lb's. Needless to say, I need a change, a permanent change. 

Various studies say that it takes 21 days to make/break a habit. Inspired by Juley, I have decided take on the challenge (I don't mean the ALS one). I'm taking the necessary steps to lead a healthier, happier, and more active life. 

  • Read 2 books: Since graduating, I went to reading over 100 pages a night to "what's a book?" I feel like a drone sitting infront of the TV. There is the occasional documentary that I will watch but it's mainly trash TV, thank you to Real Housewives of [insert city], which gives me NO educational nutrients. Two books is a good goal to ease back into reading. 
  • Exercise: The extra 20 lbs I've put on is too much baggage for me. I want to get back in the routine of being fit and feeling strong. The goal is to workout three times a week. 
  • Clean: When your environment is uncluttered, I believe your mind is too. This is for my sanity and sanitation sake. You can never be too clean... or at least I can't be. I wish I was a little more OCD about those things but hopefully I will be after 21 days. I'm devoting to clean at least 10 minutes before bed. 
  • Blog consistency: I have so many ideas to do and a vision to take this blog. Also this is supposed to be my outlet. So I need to blog consistently to keep a track of myself. Twice a week. 
  • Be Kind to Myself: Making a big move from California to North Carolina, not knowing anyone, starting a new job, living on my own for the first time, all these things are big changes that are not easy to do. We are our own worst critic. Things do not come instantaneously but gradually with time and experience. I need to be nicer to myself about everything.
It's only 21 days. Any advice to make these resolutions stick? 

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