On the Rocks

Once again I'm slacking on the posts. Sorry! On another note, my friend invited me to do some rock climbing. At first I thought we would go indoors and climb a rock wall. Oh boy, I was wrong.

We drove up the curvacious Highway 9 and after a 3-hour hike {we got lost, very lost}, we finally reached our destination. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous and humbling. Below is a picture of my 6' tall friend next to some of the rocks. Beautiful, isn't it?

I love to be adventurous and all but, I have a confession. I'm a big baby. I truly enjoy the idea of challenging myself, pushing my limits, and expanding my horizons but sometimes I'm scared. Trying new things is always intimidating  until you build the courage to actually do it. This time was no different. I was silently freaking out in my head but pretended to keep calm on the outside. The boulder was daunting but I was in the capable hands of my friends, who are experts. One deep breath in, and I climbed and repelled all across that boulder.

It was a good day. I made it out alive, made new friends, got a tan, and now can cross rock climbing off of my summer to-do list.
Have you done anything adventurous this summer?

Please do not attempt this without a professional who knows what they are doing. There are many things that can go wrong, so take caution.

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