Vegas Pt. 1 - Food

I have been back from Las Vegas for about a week. It took me that long to recover but, I am finally getting back into the swing of things. This is going to be the food portion of my first Vegas trip. I spent 6 days in Vegas with 10 people, 2 hotels, memorable stories, and great pictures. I can't wait to go back. 

Bouchon (The Venetian) - Bouchon is hands-down one of the best restaurants where we ate. Chef Thomas Keller did not disappoint. I shared my breakfast, Bouchon French Toast, with my boyfriend who had the Les Oeufs. Both were fantastic and I also recommend the Hibiscus Champagne Cocktail with an edible hibiscus flower at the bottom of the flute. Everything was delicious and I have been craving Bouchon.
Earl of Sandwich (Planet Hollywood) - Here in the Bay Area we have a similar sandwich place called Ike's Sandwich, which people rave about. I would rather have Earl's any day over Ike's. Earl's are simple sandwiches done well. It was so good that I bought an extra sandwich to eat as late night munchies. I regret not going back there to get another. Even my boyfriend, who does not like sandwiches, loved their pizza sandwich. Stop by Earl's to at least get a sandwich and stick it in your purse as a snack. People will be begging you for a bite. 
Seredipity3 (Caesar's Palace) - I was so excited to hear there is a Serendipity3 in Las Vegas because my boyfriend and I had gone to the original in New York last December. After a night of shenanigans, we arrived at Serendpity3 around 1am. We found out that the restaurant was closed but it's walk-thru window was still open. I recommend getting your pick of the Frozen Hot Chocolate.  

Heart Attack Grill (Fremont Street) - What an experience! As we walked into the restaurant, you were quickly greeted by a "doctor." He would help you get seated by helping you put on your medical gown and wristband. Once seated, your nurse would ask you what bypass burger you want. I had a butterfat alcoholic milkshake which was very effective yet you can barely taste the alcohol. You can also get half liquor jello injections which are potent. This place had a great ambiance but it's a once in a while thing because the calorie intake would give you a heart attack! I apologize for no food image; we ate there late at night and ate quickly. 
SushiSamba (The Palazzo) -  This Japanese, Brazilian, Peruvian cuisine is a surprisingly scrumptious marriage. One of the best places that we ate at as well. In the image above, we had a crispy taquitos served with spicy aji panca sauce and fresh lime. Everything was delicious and went well together. They also fulfilled my sushi fix with the Carnaval sushi roll. 

Next post, I'll let you know about what I did in Vegas!

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